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Kick-off your Marketing with Ads Designed and Targeted by AI
  • Create captivating ads in 1 minute
  • For Instagram, Facebook, others
  • Does not require any data
  • Target Interests, Demographics
Try with your own products
Kick-off your Marketing with Ads Designed and Targeted by AI
  • Create captivating ads in 1 min
  • For Instagram and Facebook
  • Does not require any data
  • Target Interests, Age, more

Try with your own products Show another example

1-click to match +150,000 AI Buyer Personas and create tailored ads for the top matches. Save 3 ads for free.

Market Research for the age of AI and Privacy

It's not just about ads -- it's new approach to find your target audience, in 4 simple steps.


Describe Product

You provide some details about your product (description, image, price).


Match Personas

We score interest in your product from +150K AI Buyer Personas.


Generate Ads

We generate customized ad creatives, copy, and targeting parameters.


Real-world Validation

You run multiple campaigns (e.g., on Meta) and learn who responds better.

Adapt your product listings and strategy accordingly.
Keep using the best performing ads to boost sales.

What can you do with the Ad Creation Wizard ?

Exclusive features for Premium users.

Select which persona to target

Don't limit yourself to the top 3 matches -- the more personas you experiment with, the more likely you are to find your product-market fit. The wizard shows you the top 10 matches, and allows you to filter by age and gender.

Choose alternative photos

Some photos are better than others, but that difference can be difficult to spot reliably with AI. That's why we give you various options for each persona, so you can decide for yourself.

Generated Ad on Social Feeds

Everything you need for a targeted campaign

Generate additional copy required for campaigns (e.g., primary text, headline) and access the platform-specific targeting parameters relevant for the selected persona (Demographics and Interests).

AI Buyer Personas

Meet AI Buyer Personas

We've specialized in scalable simulation of buyer personas for the retail industry using several recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), from Large Language Models to Stable Diffusion.

With a background in AI research, we have developed a novel approach to learn extensive and coherent profiles of plausible personas without using any personal information -- every detail is inferred by AI (including photos), no permissions required.

We're proud to offer the most privacy-friendly approach to learn about highly-specific consumer behaviors and preferences.

Buyer Personas

Ready for your Business

Marketing Agencies
Quick start hyper-targeted campaigns, and maximize return on ad spend, while impressing your clients with AI-backed insights.

Marketplace Sellers
Discover untapped customer segments for your current or prospective products, and optimize your listings to best resonate with the target audience.

Consumer Brands
Uncover compelling narratives to expand your product strategy to new audiences, without expensive and time-consuming surveys.

We move fast, let us know how we can best meet your needs.

Unlock Full Features

Premium Plan

Access all features and save 100 ads per month.

$99 / per month
This includes:
  • Full-featured Ad Creation Wizard
  • Save 100 Generated Ads Monthly
  • Filter Matches (Age, Gender)
  • Request Photo and Text Variations
  • Access Full Targeting Parameters
  • Remove MarketFit.ai branding
  • Priority Support
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